Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tuesday Travels - Wakayama the City

After spending the morning visiting the Tama train, we were ready for some lunch.  We heard that Wakayama was known for a special type of Negi (green onion) Ramen, so we wanted to try it.  There were a few well-known places to experience this type of ramen, so we picked one and headed to it.
The negi ramen did not disappoint!  It was delicious!  The onions helped to cut the otherwise greasy pork broth and were very refreshing.  We did an order of handmade gyoza as well.

Next, we headed for Wakayama Castle and gardens.  The Japanese known how to create a beautiful and serene garden...we enjoyed strolling around.

The sun helped created some beautiful reflections in the water...

Looking back at the path we had traveled down...

Gorgeous fall leaves and a glimpse of the castle

A large torii marks the entrance to the castle...

Views as we approach...I have probably mentioned before, but just know that everything worth seeing in Japan is up a large steep hill! 
In the courtyard

An unusual sign, but one I was thankful for!  This castle has been rebuilt and restored so it isn't the original, which is why you can leave the shoes on.

Views of Wakayama from the castle

Another beautiful city and one we are glad to have visited, at least for a day.  I think this region is one you could spend several days exploring.  Maybe on the next trip :)

Back in Osaka, we settled for tempura udon for dinner because we were still pretty full from lunch!


  1. The photos of Wakayama Castle and gardens are beautiful.

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