Monday, February 10, 2020

Mancat Monday

Hello all, sorry we missed a week.  Time just got away from me!  Most of the boys are doing well...Harrison will tell you his story near the end of the post.
Flynn looking cute on the coffee table.  Asking nicely to play.  We have been trying to play more regularly to get him tired.  This keeps him out of trouble with Lenny.  He still doesn't understand that Lenny isn't going to play with him, but he is getting better and "asking" Lenny less often :)

Of course Flynn wants to lay in the chair when everything has been picked up to vacuum!  You boys have too many toys in the floor.

Oliver and Rusty are doing well, they just don't have any photos this week.

Harrison has a lump on the base of his tail.  It is painful to the touch, but he is acting normal and eating just fine.  It has been there for a few days, but last night it looked larger.  He went to the vet this morning, and he has an abscess.

Harrison at the vet waiting.  It took me 30 minutes of chasing him around the house before I finally caught him!  Once at the vet though, he is purring and acting all sweet and innocent :)  

He is spending the day at the vet getting shaved, sedated and drained!  He will get a long lasting pain med, and antibiotic.  Hopefully, he will feel better tonight when he comes home.


  1. Yuck, poor Harrison. Derry is sending purrs for speedy healing.

    We're glad everyone else is doing well!

  2. The moment I saw "lump at the base of his tail," I was pretty sure it was an abscess! I'm glad it's getting taken care of.

  3. Poor Harrison, I hope his abscess soon heals.

  4. Glad that Harrison had something fixable. Purrs to all.

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