Monday, November 04, 2019

Mancat Monday

The mancats are doing well.  Oliver and Rusty went to the vet on Halloween and they both got a clean bill of health!  Oliver's chin is clear with the exception of a few black heads.  We should continue wiping it down with the chlorhexadine wipes as often as we can.
Oliver wearing a pumpkin bandana...they took it off once the vet saw them :)
Rusty looks handsome in his blue bandana with the bats on it.
Rusty spent the rest of the day napping...traveling is hard work.

It turns out that Georgie is not the peeing culprit, but it is Lenny.  Auntie caught him in the pantry one morning.  He went in for a check and of course the urine was normal.  It is totally behavioral.  We have moved a litter box into the pantry, and he will use it faithfully.  It seems that is a safe spot for him at the moment.  We will continue trying the essential oils, feliway and helping him feel comfortable.  If that doesn't work, then the vet is ready to call in some Prozac for him as well.

The Panthers are all ready for treats at night before bed.  We don't have near the amount of food and snacks available as we did when Cousin Pirate was around, so they are acting hungry.  We are still offering some special treats so they aren't starving, but it is an adjustment for sure.

Flynn is doing well, he just didn't get a picture this week.
Rusty is still resting from his adventure, the doorbell ringing on Halloween, and having us home on the weekend :)

This will be the last Mancat Monday for a few weeks.  I am heading to Japan on Wednesday until the 25th.  Looking forward to seeing lots of cats and eating wonderful food while there.

Check back tomorrow for another edition of Tuesday Travels...this time we will be riding the train from Whittier to Talkeetna, Alaska.


  1. I'm glad Oliver and Rusty got clean bills of health! I'm purring that Lenny is able to be less stressed without the meds.

  2. I am glad that Oliver and Rusty got a good check up at the vet, and that Oliver's chin is much improved.

  3. We, too, are glad that Rusty and Oliver checked out fine at the vet, that's great news. Purrs to Lenny that he feels more settled, calmer, and stops the inappropriate peeing.

    Safe travels to you; wow, you sure do globe-trot! :-)

  4. Glad everybuddy is doing well...except for Lenny. We hope he starts to feel more secure. Have a good time in Japan!


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