Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mancat Monday

The mancats have been enjoying themselves and being a little bit naughty!
Harrison stole this package of treats from the pantry.  Thankfully, the boys didn't eat them all before I found the bag!

What is Flynn looking at so intently?

Ah, Mr Rabbit is in the yard...do you see him?  He is close to the window...

Oliver spent some time on Saturday loving on the vacuum cleaner...he is a nut! 

Flynn loves to be under this mat...he is a goof.

Harrison and Rusty are doing well even though they don't have a photo this week.  

Rusty will be going to the vet on Thursday to have his nose looked at.  There are two dark places on it, that I figure are scratches, or bruises, but they have been there for a few weeks now.  Since his visit will be free because of his care plan, might as well have it checked!


  1. Hi you guys, it's nice to see a post!

    Harrison: You need to take the treat bag somewhere your human can't find it, to give yourself a chance to eat the entire contents. :-D

    Flynn: You have a rabbit?! Wow, lucky. Our human doesn't think we've ever seen one through our fence, and if we have, we haven't told her.

    Oliver: You're nuts. That sucky monster could eat you!

    Flynn: Gee, where are you? We can't find you at all!

    Rusty: Good luck at the vet, we hope it's nothing untoward.

    Take care; have a good week.

  2. I see you all have been busy! Let us know what is going on with Rusty!


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