Monday, May 13, 2019

Mancat Monday

The boys have enjoyed their week.  Lots of play time, and a cat nip party on Sunday.
One of the local rescue groups was having a fundraiser through Etsy, so we bought a few toys.  Harrison loves catnip toys, but I have to watch him because he likes to chew them up.  These toys are crocheted, so I don't want him eating long pieces of string, so I watch while they play, and then put them in a drawer when I'm not around. 

Cousins Pirate and George.

Pirate will be 16 on Thursday.  He is on quite a bit of medicine for his arthritis and stiff back/leg.  He also goes to laser therapy once a week for his hip and knee.
Flynn loves this box from IKEA.  It isn't necessarily meant for cats, but what can you do?
Rusty and the panthers still love this wool and yak fur mat...

Our catnip party...The fresh nip has taken off in the garden!  Auntie had to move some to another location because it is growing like mad.  We are going to start attracting the strays before long!

That's our week and weekend in a nut shell.  Lots of fun all around.


  1. A catnip party! Nicki and Derry would be jealous if they knew. Nip makes Nicki ugly and aggressive, so poor Derry hardly ever gets it.

    I've seen those Ikea baskets, turns out they're purrfect for kitties!

    And I like that yak fur mat! Looks like a terrific spot to play or just hang out. :-)

    Take care; have a great week!

  2. Looks like they are having a good time at their catnip party.
    I would say that Ikea box is a cat bed now.

  3. Looks like a good week. IKEA does have a box for cats now, it is a cube with a cat head shaped hole in the front so they can get in it to snooze.


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