Monday, February 04, 2019

Mancat Monday

We are back to our regularly scheduled program featuring the mancats...They are all doing well and living life to the fullest!
Strings became the new favorite this week...

Flynn chirps every time you walk by him to play with his string!  It's nice to have found something he loves.

Oliver still enjoys this wool and yak fur mat...

This cute chicken toy lasted about 5 minutes!  Harrison chewed the end off and all the catnip spilled out.

Rusty and Flynn enjoying the spoils...

Rusty ended up being a little territorial over the pile and would slap anyone that came near!  We had to have a lesson on sharing. 

Auntie, with Flynn and Rusty helping mixed up some more hard food.

Flynn in his hole on the couch...look at those cute toes!

Harrison in his hole...he sits so funny!

Flynn and Rusty will be going to the vet on Thursday.  They both have a red line around their gums and I want to make sure we don't need to be doing something about it.


  1. Everyone looks like they've been having great fun. What's better than strings and catnip? :-)

    Best of luck to Flynn and Rusty; we hope they don't need dentals, at least not yet.

  2. Rusty is just like Flynn was when it comes to nip. I hope the vet visit goes well for Flynn and Rusty.

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all! Paws crossed that Flynn and Rusty don't need dentals!

  4. Purrayers that everything checks out at the vet !

    Hope the chicken can be saved !

  5. hoping the red line isn't anything, probably isn't. Glad everyone is doing well!

  6. Nice to see everyone having fun :)


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