Monday, February 11, 2019

Mancat Monday

So Rusty and Flynn went to the vet last Thursday to have their gums checked out.
Rusty sang the entire trip over and announced his presence to the receptionist when we arrived!

Flynn jumped right out of his carrier, once we were in our room, and tried to find an escape route.  Sorry bud, that window doesn't open!

Both boys were walking around when the vet came in.  He asked, who wants to go first, and right on cue, Rusty went back into his carrier!  So Flynn went first.  He is not a good patient, so he had to be wrapped in a towel.

Rusty went next, and doesn't mind being examined.

Once Flynn was done, he was just as friendly as normal, hanging out waiting on brother to be done.

All of the results are not in yet, but I expect to hear this week.  They both need dentals because their guns are very irritated and painful around some teeth.

They will get x-rays while under to check the roots of their teeth.

They are doing quite a bit of blood work looking for possible causes of this early gingivitis, because they don't have any tartar or calculus on their teeth.  The vet wonders if it is a virus or bacteria causing the inflammation.  He also took some swabs of Flynn's gums to see if anything shows up.

I imagine they will go on the 21st for their cleanings and possible extractions.

Well, there you have it.  Two young boys with dental issues :)

What age did your cats start showing signs of dental problems?


  1. Oh, we're sending our purrs to them, for their upcoming dentals, and hope that there's nothing untoward going on.

    All three of my boys, angel Chumley, Nicki and Derry, were 3 years old when they started with their dental issues. Nicki had 8 teeth extracted at 3 years; Derry 9 teeth. Both have lost more since. I can't remember if Chum had any extractions, it was so long ago.

    Annie had one dental, and I think she lost 3 teeth, but she was 9 - 10-ish then, and it was less than a year later that she passed. So for whatever reason, her teeth and gums were in far better shape than the boys', even though their diets were the same.

    1. That's a lot of teeth to have removed! Did they determine if Nicki and Derry had underlying viruses causing the damage?

      Mojo lost most of his teeth as an old man, but he is the only one i've had with major issues.

  2. I hope their dentals go well. Flynn had one tooth removed due to FORLS but he was about ten years old. He never had any other problems with his teeth or gums. Eric had red gums from about 2 years old. I used to clean both boys teeth and rub the paste into their gums but Eric still had problems with gingivitis.When he was about 8 years old he had to have several teeth out due to FORLS. Even though they were litter mates and ate identical food there teeth and gum health was very different.

    1. Oh I wish there was an option to correct bad spelling! Of course it should have been "their teeth and gum health".

  3. Poor guys. We hope all goes well with their dentals.

  4. Cody's teeth are ok, but my Angel Bobo started showing signs of dental issues at a younger age too. My Vet at the time said it was just like humans, genetic.

  5. Binga was in her teens before she had any dental issues. Boodie had them earlier, but once my human put her on a combination canned and raw diet, her dental health improved quite a bit! Not that it's perfect, but I bet she has kept quite a few teeth she might not have otherwise.

  6. Purrayers and POTP that their tests and treatment go well !

  7. They are young to already have issues. A lot is genetic. One of my cats, Noel is 13 and never needed a dental.


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