Monday, August 20, 2018

Mancat Monday

Everybody has had a good week...
Catnip feast for Black Cat Appreciation Day!

My four panthers...should have put Rusty's panther bandanna on him!

Rusty in the little donut box...this is still a huge hit!

Rusty in the siamese bed in my room.  

Look closely and you'll see Harrison in the cat ball...he is pretty much the only one that will get in here.

Harrison has started asking to snuggle more lately.  He only likes to snuggle in my bed, although I can hold him other places, as long as I am standing.  He reminds me a lot of Smokey and this is how things started with him too.  Maybe in a few more years, Harrison will be a lap cat!  I certainly miss having a cat to hold while watching TV at night!

Are your cats lap cats?


  1. When I saw your first photo, what ran through you my mind was "one of these things is not like the other". :-D

    It certainly looks like everyone's had a good week!

    As for being a lap kitty: Derry yes, Nicki no. Derry doesn't get as much lap time as he'd like because I rarely am sitting down for very long!

  2. Rusty is an honorary panther! Nobody here is a lap cat. We will let my human share her office chair with us.

  3. Rusty, won’t get lost among all those panthers!

  4. Rusty is so like my Flynn who also tried to get in the smallest of boxes, and if he didn't fit he would sit on them. He was never a lap cat though. He would sit for a few minutes then prefer to sit on the back of the chair above my head. Eric was a total lap cat and would stay there forever if he could.


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