Monday, August 06, 2018

Mancat Monday

When my friends and I celebrate our birthdays, we give each other cat toys!  The mancats received some new things this weekend...
Flynn is hanging out in this handmade donut box!  It is from the Snow Leopard Trust and was handmade in Mongolia from wool.  There were 6 cute donuts in the box as well.

Flynn learning to be patient while donuts are stacked on his is hard for him to be still, so this will be a good exercise for him! 
Cousin Georgie wouldn't look at the camera, but he enjoyed sitting in the box too!

Harrison also loved the box.  We also received wool balls and mice to play with.  The boys are enjoying it all!

Harrison decided he needed to sit in the window above Aunties shower on Saturday morning.  He had a great view of the birds from up there!  He was talking and Auntie picked him up and he scampered into the window sill.  She brought him down before jumping in the shower. 
He decided he could just up there by himself, while she was showering.  He couldn't quite make it, and couldn't get a foot hold to climb, so Auntie pushed him on up and he sat there until she was done!

Rusty and Oliver are doing well too...they just didn't get any photos this week!


  1. What fantastic toys! That wool box is the best box we ever seen.

    Harrison is quite the adventurer. Great spot for kitty TV!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful share. Flynn was doing a great job with having the donuts on his paws. Harrison really showed that box who was boss. We love that photo. He must of enjoyed watching those birds from the new view he had. Good thing he had a little help getting up there. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  3. Happy birthday, especially to your kitties!

  4. Those are some fun toys! Happy Birthday!

  5. Those are fun toys. Flynn was being very patient.


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