Monday, August 13, 2018

Mancat Monday

Everyone is doing well again this week.
Oliver enjoys the donut box :)  He also loves the orange donuts and plays with them regularly.

Harrison is even too big for the box :)

Flynn and Harrison are good friends and hang out together quite a bit.  This photo really shows the size difference in them.  Flynn is the large one :)  He is a big goof, but a sweet boy.

Oliver is in love with the vacuum cleaner, as long as it isn't on.  He scent marks all over it and snuggles up to it!  Have I mentioned that he is a bit crazy?

Rusty does not like to be held by Auntie.  He pitches such a fit!  I always tease Auntie that she is squeezing him too hard.  She calls him an angry elf :)

Rusty has one of Tanner's habits...picking his toes!  Oliver jumps on the table at the end and spooks Rusty...


  1. Ha, I loved the videos, especially of Rusty chewing his toes. Derry chews his back nails too, but that's not something Nicki does.

    Everyone looks great--we wish you all a wonderful week!

    P.S. Nicki and Derry think Oliver's crazy, for scent-marking that vacuum!

  2. Flynn used to chew to clean his toes too, and the loud crunching noises he made used to make me cringe.

  3. Glad everyone is doing well. Wally likes to chew his toes too. We wonder if it’s an orange cat thing.

  4. Nice to see all your cuties. Oliver is brave, my cats hide when they see a vacuum.


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