Monday, November 20, 2017

Mancat Monday

It will be a Rusty intensive week...he is just too cute!
Rusty loves to sleep on this "mama" blanket.  It is super soft and he will just knead and purr, and sometimes put his face in the blanket and nurse a little.  When he was a lot younger, you could just sit him on this blanket and he was knead himself to sleep...he couldn't stay awake! 
Another favorite sleeping spot...He is over 5 pounds now.

Rusty found Tanner's purple bed this weekend...

Everyone loves a good box...Rusty is the only one that can sit in here... 
He tried to lay down, but got stuck!

Finally escaped!

Harrison has really taken to Rusty.  They wrestle and chase one another.  Loved catching this sweet moment between them...Harrison was washing Rusty's head... 
Rusty watching the birds with Flynn...I have a photo similar to this of Tanner and Oliver...

A little dark, but still Rusty and can see the size difference better here.

Oliver is still doing well...I will have to take a picture of that boy this week!


  1. Wonderful post featuring adorable Rusty. He's obviously a happy, well-loved young mancat. :-)

    And the pic with Harrison was too cute -- Harrison standing on his tail, perhaps to hold him in place. LOL.

  2. Rusty is a little cutie! And how cute are he and Harrison together!

  3. Rusty is such a cutie! Looks like he is very happy in his home.

  4. He is a cutie and how sweet that Harrison is so close to him.


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