Monday, October 30, 2017

Mancat Monday

Lots of photos in this post!  The mancats are all doing well and enjoying life!
Finally a photo of all four of them...l-r Harrison, Rusty, Oliver, and Flynn

They love the cooler temps and the fresh air...

Flynn loves a good basket...
Rusty and Flynn playing in the basket...These two have started wrestling some and it makes my heart happy! 
Rusty Bear on the super soft snuggly blanket in my room...

Learning to help with the dishes...He is so proud when he can jump or climb to new places!
Flynn hanging out in the CatBall. 
Flynn and Oliver (on his back)...they are almost yin and yang. 
Harrison trying to be a tiny kitten in the circle scratcher :)

Oliver was glad we were home from Houston...he enjoyed lying on the suitcase.

It is hard to see, but Rusty is a drooler when he is happy... 

Harrison is trying so hard to get Rusty to play with him...I think we are getting close!

Well, there you have it...mancats in action!


  1. Wonderful post, I loved seeing all the boys. Rusty just makes my heart melt, he's so cute. Still young enough to be a kitten, really, and tug at the heart strings. :-)

  2. I mean kitten versus teenager. He's certainly getting big though!

  3. It looks like Rusty is having a good time settling in with the boys.

  4. So nice seeing everybuddy getting along so well. Rusty reminds us of a young Tanner. :)

  5. You fellows are having fun and that is supurr! Oliver stop by Cat Scouts and say Meow!

  6. What lovely pictures ! Uncle Tanner must be smiling.

  7. Lovely photos of all the boys. Flynn used to drool a little when he was purring full pelt.

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