Monday, October 02, 2017

Mancat Monday

The mancats are all feeling better and back to their playful ways.
Catnip is always a nice treat...
 While they all love this treat, Flynn gets the craziest over his nip!

(Harrison is under the bench, Oliver in the middle, and Flynn stretched out in the floor)

Rusty isn't into nip yet, but has discovered the crinkle balls... 
He still plays and sleeps all the white he has on him...only orange on the top!

So thankful to have a healthy household once again.  Rusty should be able to go next week for his neuter and adoption!


  1. We're glad everyone is feeling better now! Give Rusty a smooch -- what an adorable kitten tummy. :-)

  2. So glad everybuddy is feeling good again.

  3. Glad everyone is feeling better.


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