Friday, July 28, 2017

Foster Friday

We are back at fostering.  We waited a couple of weeks after our trip to start up again, just so we could spend some extra time with the boys.
We ended up with a group of 4, 6 week olds, without a mom.  None of them are solid black...those two black ones have white feet at least!  Whew.  We have three girls and one boy. 
They are 6 weeks, but only weigh a pound, so they are rather thin.  We are working on fattening them up and giving them the nourishment and love they need to thrive.  Here's Eloise and Leon hanging out on the condo (laying on it's side for safety) 
Before our trip, we got a frantic call from a friend saying she had found a kitten in a parking lot.  She waited around for about an hour but never saw a mom. 
Lilly was soon at our house getting fed.  She could slurp up the canned food if you made a slurry out of it with extra water.  She also enjoyed a bottle a few times a day too.  Here's Oliver checking her out.  I think he remembered the bottle too!

Lilly was moved into another home the day we left so she would have other kittens to play with.  I have since received a new photo of her and she is growing and doing well!

We should have our current group a couple of more weeks at least.  They have to reach two pounds before they can return to the shelter for their surgery and find new homes.


  1. I'm so glad that Lilly is doing well! I know you will enjoy your current fosters.

  2. The kittens are cute. I am glad that Lilly is doing well.

  3. Fun times at your house! Those kittens are so cute.

  4. They are such cuties. How kind of you to foster.

  5. Happy to hear that Lilly is doing well, they are all adorable!

  6. They're all so cute! We are so happy that Lilly is doing well.


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