Monday, July 24, 2017

Let's Catch Up!

So a lot has happened since I last posted in early June!  This will be a start at getting you all caught up...
The Mancats are all doing well!  
Tanner had fun in a new box! 
Tanner has gotten one of the PetPatch Loops to try and help with his stiff hips.  At his annual visit his back right hip was extremely stiff and painful.  We agreed the loop couldn't hurt! 
Oliver is as goofy as ever...he loves to talk up a storm 
Flynn is tolerant enough to wear he is on the 4th of July. 
Harrison can't get enough bird watching time.  He loves to chatter at them.  He is a big talker too and goes around the house just squeaking away! 
Tanner has had plenty of playtime with his girl! 
Flynn ended up at the vet because he seemed to be in pain.  The vet couldn't isolate the pain, but felt he had probably strained/sprained his back.  He was given pain meds and seemed to improve.  This was in mid June.  In mid July, he went to the vet for his annual visit and caused quite a scene when his stomach was being palpated.  The vet still thought it was a pain response and decided to x-ray him just to make sure nothing structural was going on.  Everything came back normal, so again it is thought that he has sprained something and that it will take time to heal.  He is acting fine at home, but we are doing dasiquin every day for 6 weeks to see if that helps the inflammation/soreness. 

We got a new foster girl, four days before we left for Kenya!  It was a mad scramble to find her another place to go...she was still taking a bottle some, but could eat on her own.  Harrison loved to sit on her heating pad! 

Auntie and I left for Kenya June is all the food the boys were going to need while we were gone!  It's 12 cans a day plus dry food.  They were well taken care of, but happy to see us return.  I will start a Thursday Travels series for anyone interested in what we did and saw this time.

Well that's about it.  We now have a new group of fosters that will be posted on Friday.


  1. Wow, busy time for you guys! It's nice to see you back safe and sound. Look at all those cans of food! OMC, 12 cans a day. Plus dry. My boys would be in kitty food heaven (and also be far fatter than they already are -- lol). Of course, you have a lot of mouths to feed!

    Healing purrs to Flynn from Nicki & Derry.

  2. I'm sending purrs to Flynn - I hope he's pain free soon! And how great that Tanner is doing well.

  3. Great to hear how everyone is doing. Tanner is looking very good.

  4. Good to hear from you and that everybuddy is doing well. We send purrs to Flynn that he is back to normal soon.

  5. happy that everyone is now doing well, looking forward to your travel series and purrs for Flynn from us too! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Thank you for the update. I am glad everyone is doing well for the most part. I hope Flynn feels better soon.

  7. So happy to know everbuddy is doing okay. Big purrs that Flynn gets better soon.


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