Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wordy Wednesday

 Tanner went back this morning for a recheck.  His abdomen did not appear to be painful this time.  This is good news.  He is eating well and not vomiting.  So we think the pancreatitis is on its way out the door!
The eye still looks swollen and is quite red.  He is now on a second eye drop to try and help it heal.
He is also sneezing quite a bit now and seems congested.  He was given an antibiotic to start that healing process.  While we know that colds shouldn't respond to antibiotics, they seem to be the only thing that helps Tanner overcome it.  You may recall in September we tried numerous things to combat the cold and finally, six weeks of antibiotics did the trick!

In other news, this bed of babies and their mother have been returned to the shelter to find forever homes.  It was hard dropping them off because I know they were nervous at being some place new, and they had to be separated from mom.  I hope they do well and find homes quickly.

Mom Bella was dropped off as well.  She is in heat and hopefully her surgery will be uncomplicated.  She is a sweet girl that needs a quiet home.  She isn't bothered by other cats, but sudden movements can startle her.

Harrison walked around the house last night chirping for his kittens.  He loved to play with them and enjoyed watching them be crazy.  It is an adjustment for everyone.


  1. Guarded good news re: Tanner -- we'll continue to send him purrs and purrayers.

    We'll keep our paws crossed for the little ones and their lovely mom, that they all find wonderful and true forever homes. ♥

  2. I am glad Tanner is improving and hope he continues to do so. I hope the mom and her babies soon get their forever homes.

  3. We're glad to hear the pancreatitis seems to be resolving for Tanner. And we purr his eye gets better too. Those kits are adorable...we purr they all find homes soon.

  4. Great news about Tanner. We're glad the pancreatitis seems to be subsiding. We'll keep purring and praying about his eye and the congestion. And also for the mama and her babies...

  5. Paws crossed that the kittens and mom find homes soon! Poor Harrison - he really missed the babies!

    I'm sending purrs Tanner's way, and I hope he recovers quickly.

  6. So glad Tanner is feeling better ! Purrayers that he continues ti get well, and that all goes well for the kittens and their Mama. And that Harrison gets over his lonelies !

  7. I am glad Tanner is doing better. I feel so bad for Harrison at not having his kittens.

  8. Yay for Tanner improving and we hope his eye is next. I am certain those kitties will find loving homes catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. Good grief what a house full of furries. We were happy Tanner is doing ok.

    Shoko and Kali


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