Monday, October 17, 2016

Mancat Monday

Mancats have to help out around the house.  Harrison and Flynn learned about ironing the other day.  Auntie had to wash some of the curtains because a certain Cousin Georgie did a naughty thing and sprayed them a bit!  Once they were dry, they needed to be ironed...
Flynn is helping by holding the curtain in place :)

Please ignore the mess in the floor...Tanner has been at this plate and pushed the food into the floor!

Flynn, attacking the iron cord that he can see moving on the other side of the curtain.

You are a big helper Flynn!

Harrison taking his turn behind the curtain

Harrison decided it was more fun to watch from above...we kept thinking he was going to jump over and attack the iron!  Thankfully, curiosity did not result in any harm!  Below are a couple of videos of the boys helping.  Flynn is the first video, then Harrison.


  1. LOL! After watching the videos, we're thinking you might just need new curtains, never mind ironing the old (claws). :-D

  2. You boys look like you were having SO much fun!

  3. Harrison and Flynn, you both were a HUGE help! MOL!

  4. You boys were having such fun helping with the ironing.

  5. Such cuties, I hope the curtains survived :)


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