Monday, June 20, 2016

Mancat Monday

The boys are all adjusting nicely to having the babies around.  There is still some hesitancy, but no growling or hissing.
Oliver and Tanner are still close and enjoy some time together just watching the babies.  I am trying to give them as much attention and normalcy as I can...
This weekend was huge for Oliver...He has made great strides in getting close to the babies.  He is trying to figure out how to play with them.  In true Oliver fashion, it is taking him a while to get his nerve up. 
This was a happy mom moment...Harrison was sleeping in this bed, which is one of Oliver's favorites.  Oliver came over, saw the baby, gave him a few licks and the laid down with him!!  So Proud of Oliver!!

Later, Harrison came over and join Oliver in the bed, and Oliver stayed!  Aren't they super cute together?  The biggest and smallest in the house right now.

Flynn had been napping on Auntie, so we pressed our luck and put him in the pile too.  They all stayed like this for a while, but the Oliver got up. 
Tanner didn't want to be left out, so we moved Harrison to his bed...they stayed like this until Harrison moved.  Tanner doesn't mind sharing with the babies and enjoys washing them.  

Harrison and Flynn are so fun because they are very relaxed and chill.  They enjoy being toted around, and when they sleep, they are OUT.  You can move them and pose them and they just keep on sleeping.

We are definitely making progress.  I am waiting now for Oliver to come back to bed at night.  Ever since the babies have been out of their room, he has not slept with me.  I miss our snuggle time.  I hope he will continue to get more comfortable with the new babies.  Maybe I'll have a good report next week!!


  1. SO much progress! I love that Oliver and Tanner will hang out with them already. I'm sure Oliver will be back to his bedtime routine soon.

  2. We're so glad things are going well with the new kittens.

  3. I am glad things are going well.


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