Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Tanner Tuesday

I can't believe it has been so long since we gave you a Tanner Tuesday post!  Needless to say, Tanner and I have been enjoying our break from all the vet visits!!  Tanner did go to the vet school on the 28th for his monthly checkup...he is still doing great!
Tanner has been working hard at growing back his fur and was starting to look like a normal cat again.   
Unfortunately, they did shave him some at his last visit, so we are back to a shaved belly.  

We can deal with that because Tanner's results look good once again!  

Ultrasound - normal to improved
Remission status - No evidence of disease
BUN and Creatinine - normal
Phosphorus - slightly elevated - recheck at regular vet in two weeks
Anemia - resolved
Weight - up slightly...pleased with progress

All in all, Tanner continues to impress his vets.  

We are trying to take Tanner off of his pepcid.  He would normally get this daily.  He is doing well, and if we can remove just one medicine from our routine that will make us both happy.

Tanner's meds:
Atenolol - twice a day
Potassium - twice a day
Clopidigrel - once a day
Benezepril - once a day

Sub Q fluids - 5 times a week (going to try just doing every other day)

Adequan (arthritis injection) once a week

Thanks for all the good thoughts on Tanner...he is continuing to do well.  We go back to the vet school at the end of the month.  


  1. Well done Tanner - our paws are crossed for continued good news.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  2. I'm so glad the results on Tanner are good! Paws up!

  3. Yay ! Well done Tanner, we're glad to hear that your results are good ! Purrs

  4. Such awesome news. Thanks for letting us know how our buddy Tanner is doing. :)

  5. dood...a grate ree port iza good ree port which izza happee report N thatz grate mews !!!! keep up de grate werk on gettin grate ree portz !! ~~~ ♥♥♥

  6. I am, very happy to hear that Tanner has such good results.

  7. Yay! We're so glad Tanner continues to do well. Keep it up, Tanner!

  8. I was just thinking you hadn't posted in a while, I am glad everything is going well. I will continue to pray for Tanner.


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