Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tanner Tuesday

Yesterday, Tanner and I zipped over to the vet school for a quick blood draw.  He did great, and his blood work showed he was fine to receive his cyclophosphamide. 
There are three capsules in the bottle, and they give me these gloves to wear. Of course, no chemo pills would be complete without some yummy ice cream to wash it all down! The flavor of the week is Butter Pecan. 
Tanner did great as usual and enjoyed a small portion of ice cream.  He did not want to come into the kitchen this week, so I just put a little in a bowl, and let him lick between pills.  He did not eat all of that, by the way.
Tanner continues to lose weight, and is actually not acting very hungry these days.  He is eating, but not all the time like normal.  He will actually leave canned food on his plate and just walk away.  I am going to call and see if I should try giving the anti-nausea pills daily for a while to see if he will perk up.  He still asks to play some, and enjoys getting brushed.  His eyes are running some, so I wonder if he is coming down with a cold?  We are adding lysine to his food to help fight that off.
Please continue to send healing purrs to my boy...we have come so far!


  1. Yes, we're continuing to send purrs and purrayers to Tanner. He HAS come so far with this. We hope it's just a bit of a cold and that the Lysine helps. Lots of smooches to him.

  2. good job Tanner.....we are sending many more purrs

  3. Purr purr purr purr purr purrs ! Purrs

  4. Tanner, I send mega purr to you !!!!
    Eat up buddy !
    (((( hug ))) to the mom

  5. I am praying for beautiful Tanner. I am glad he got a nice treat.

  6. He is in my prayers every night! Hope he just has a little stuffy nose that is putting him off of his food. Glad his bloodwork was good!

  7. Good job with those pills, Tanner. But we want you to eat more, okay? Purrs and prayers being sent!

  8. Purrr purrr purr for Tanner! Please eat lots of tasty ice cream, plus your medicine. :) {{{Hugs}}}

  9. We will add Tanner to our family purr circle. Hope you feel like eating real soon buddy.
    Timmy and Family


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