Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

 Tanner spent yesterday at the vet school getting bloodwork, examination and the iv dose of doxorubicin.  He did well with his treatment, even though there were tons of dogs in the clinic when we checked in that morning.  I like dogs, but I do wish dog owners would be a bit more respectful of the cat in the carrier and not allow their dogs to come over to him.
Here's Tan on the way home...his eyes are big and drugged because they gave him a light sedative to administer the IV, since it runs over 20 minutes and they needed him to be still.  Tanner was bumped up to his larger blue carrier, since his weight has been creeping up some.  He weighs 15 lbs 13 oz right now.  The oncologists love that he is eating so well and doesn't appear to be fazed by the chemo.
As we were leaving the vet school, a rainbow appeared for us...I hope you can see it.  We will take this as a good sign for Tanner!
Medicine Update - Tanner is now finished with his prednisolone!
Sophie Update - We have been trying the Spirit Essence by Jackson Galazy and see some improvements.  We ordered "Peacemaker".  We spray it on the blankets where Sophie lays most of the time, and also on Tanners bed.  Sometimes we spray our hands and rub it on Sophie.  She at least seems to be directing her angst more equally to all the boys and not targeting Tanner.  She is going to the vet on Dec 8th and Auntie will talk about other options.  In the meantime, she continues getting her pain meds daily, for arthritis, and we will continue using the spray.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this year...we all have so much to be Thankful for!


  1. Tanner definitely looks spaced out there, in that photo. He really is a good cat, isn't he? It's a good update. We're glad he's done with the Pred and continue to send purrs and purrayers to him and to you all.


  2. I am glad Tanner is doing so well with his treatment and has even put on weight.

  3. happee thanx bee giving bak guys....we hope everee one continmews two improve !! way awesum ♥♥♥

  4. Paws up for Tanner! I'm so glad he's doing well. Sending purrs to Sophie... I hope there is a solution to her issues.

  5. We're so glad Tanner is eating well and gaining a little weight. And that he's doing well with his treatments. That rainbow is a good sign!

    And we hope Sophie learns to tolerate the others. We use Peacemaker too...the mom rubs it on our furs.

  6. So glad that Tanner is doing so well :) Encouraging that Sophie is being less selective. Hope the vet can give her something more for her pain, do they do ultrasound therapy? I saw it on My Cat From Hell the other day. Our vet does acupuncture. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Marty's Mom

  7. Dat is pawsum news. Weez so glad fings be workin' out even ifin just a little. Weez can't seem to find yous follow button. Dat's why weez not gettin' yous emails, weez not followin' yous. Me keeps askin' mommy to do sumfin' cuz me hates to miss meez furiends postys. Anyways, Hope yous all had a pawsum fanksgivin' and weez'll be purrayin' all gets even better.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


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