Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Toysday Tuesday

Ollie and Cousin Georgie love to play with a certain toy.  They are both big jumpers and do a good job of giving each other a turn at play.  Auntie and I try to give them jumping time several times a day!  One of these days, I will get a good photo of them jumping big...in the meantime, here are a few ok photos...
 Ollie taking a turn...Georgie is in his spot waiting, do you see him?  (He is behind Auntie, under the hammock!)
 Looking a bit silly with this jump, but at least I got him in the air!
Cousin Georgie will jump for the toy too, and can usually catch it mid air, but he also loves to roll around in the floor!  We love Georgies black pads on his white feet!


  1. Those are pretty great shots anyway! Cousin Georgie does have really neat paws. Fun toy, we need one of those here!


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