Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Two on Tuesday

Ollie loves his brothers, but is still learning how to play nice, and not be a pest!  He is curious about them and tries to mimic them when he can. 
 Ollie checking out Smokey's canned food snack...is this something I want to try?  Ollie has now learned to enjoy certain types of canned food.  He is relatively picky with his eating...he has more important things to do and is easiily distracted by things around him!
Ollie remembers our hands as the 'feeding station' and therefore still enjoys eating his hard food from your hand.  He CAN eat out of a bowl, but is a bit stubborn at times.  Right now, this is still very cute and sweet, but once he is neutered, we may need to show a bit of tough love and insist he eat from a bowl!  MOL  Tanner wonders if he could have a piece too?


  1. I think all kitties should eat from human hands! That is the kind of service we deserve.

  2. it is so cute when the little ones mimic the adults :)

  3. Why eat from a bowl when you can be hand fed! He is a sweetie.

  4. MOL! He's got his humans trained well. :)


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