Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tasty Tuesday

Today we have a Tasty Tuesday report...
 When we last talked about Oliver, I mentioned that he prefers to eat from your hand...well, as you can see, he is learning to eat from a bowl!!  This is good progress.  Now, he needs to remember these skills during the night.  He still comes over to me and tries to nurse my fingers...there is food available all the time for him, but he either forgets or is just too stubborn to go find it on his own! 
Tanner and the other big cats had a treat last weekend and enjoyed some time outside.  Tanner found the catnip and enjoyed a little snack!  


  1. A sun puddle and nip is a very good treat Tanner.

  2. I'm glad Oliver is learning to eat from a bowl - although the idea of permanently having a servant to hand feed him is appealing. And paws up, Tanner, for your awesome no-cal treat!


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