Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


  1. FRESH nip?! Wow, you are so lucky! Our nip didn't even grow back this year, which goes to show how lousy a gardener our human is.

    BTW, tell your mom that our human has had to rescue lots of little critters over the years, mostly moles, though (the blind ones and boy, do they make a racket when cornered and scared). Even a live snake once, an Eastern Milk Snake, as we discovered after the fact by Googling. The live ones don't bother her, it's cleaning up carcasses that bothers her. (Not related to us--we've never killed any that our human knows about. But the former neighbour's cat used to leave bird carcasses on the ground by our front step--it was his little spot. Once he left rodent entrails on her welcome mat, as a little present.)

  2. That nip looks very enticing. I need to go and see if my plants are ready for nomming.

  3. Terrific Tanner!!! Yay for fresh nip! Enjoy! Take care

  4. Wow, Tanner ... you get FRESH nip? Um, can we come over and join you? Please????? :)

  5. Just look at those huge leaves of fresh nip! May we please come over?



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