Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday in the Garden

Today's Thursday in the Garden is brought to you by the color PINK!
 The azaleas in the back yard...
 The Peony in the front yard.  On this day, it had taken quite a beating from the heavy rains we were having. 
 Closeup of an almost open bloom...
 The knock-out rose bush by the front porch.  This is not the one with the baby bird in it...
Finally, one of the Gerbera Daisy's that have made an appearance.

To see more lovely gardens head over to Master Gardener Jonesie's site...


  1. The flowers look lovely. The azaleas were in bud when the Beans went on holiday, and when they got home they were past their best.
    The moral: If you want to see your azaleas in full bloom, don't desert me mum!

  2. Those pictures are wonderful.... Such a beautiful color. Thanks for showing the to us.

    Have a great day

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  3. Your flowers are lovely! Happy thursday!

  4. We often have 4 crazy cats in our garden :-) Your peonies are breath-taking!

  5. Your garden looks so beautiful! That knock-out rose bush is, well ... a knockout!

  6. Everybody has such nice blooms... and we have brown, yukky brush!


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