Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday in the Garden

We haven't been outside for a few weeks because the pollen counts are pretty high in our area right now.  Our whole town is currently green with all the pine pollen floating around and sticking to everything!
Auntie has been outside working in the yard and found this on Sunday...
 One whole egg in the yard...
One empty egg nearby.  New life has emerged somewhere...
 A few weeks ago, this was the scene at the bird feeders...a very brown, bare bush with a few buds on it...and now...
This is the same bush on Sunday...full of life and new blooms!
 A close-up of the blooms...Spring is here and we are thankful.


  1. It looks so *warm* and lovely there!

    Our human was over-the-moon happy just to see our bleeding heart peeking up, the shoots maybe an inch high at most. A whole month later than last year...though last year was atypically warm.

  2. It's amazing how these bushes and trees come back to life! Out here in California, most everything is green year round, and when something is brown and lifeless looking, it usually stays dead.

  3. It's nice to see that spring is somewhere! (Though we shouldn't's starting to get green here finally, too.)

  4. Happy gotcha day to Tanner! This calls for extra treats and cuddles, of course!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day Tanner and we are so glad Spring has sprung.

  6. We came back to wish Tanner a Happy Gotcha Day!

  7. Happy gotcha day to Tanner, and hooray for spring!

  8. Happy belated Birthdays to Smokey and Tanner! Looks like spring has arrived in a hurry.


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