Monday, April 22, 2013

Mancat Monday

Smokey and Tanner have both celebrated birthdays this month.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to wish them well!

 Smokey enjoyed a nice plate of tuna for his birthday.  He plays some, but not enough to earn a new toy :)  He did get lots of sunggles with me throughout the day and seemed to enjoy our time together.  I know I cherished every moment!
 Tanner scored a few new toys and this one hasn't as big of a hit as I had hoped...he is warming up to it, but it is taking a while...oh well, it looked fun in the store!
Tanner did love his two new green toys...the ball of soft 'rabbit' fur and the catnip fish...

I'll take these, thank you very much!
All in all, the boys each had a good birthday and I hope to celebrate for many more years with them.


  1. Most of the toys I see in stores and think, "Oh, what fun," my boys ignore. Typical!

    So glad they had a good birthday...and you never know, Tanner might decide his new toy is the greatest thing since crinkle paper and a box. LOL.

  2. Awwwww Smokey! Cuddles are the best!! Lovely Tanner - enjoy your toys! Yay! Take care

  3. I think that toy looks like fun! I'm glad the boys had good birthdays.

  4. Now those are great ways to celebrate a birthday! Glad they had good ones!

  5. Tell your Mom to turn her head so you can play wif your noo toys! MOL
    (you know that's the only way we play wif new stuff!)

  6. Happy Birfdayz Doods!
    Yeah we feel the same way about many toyz. Dad sticks to the old standards. Lazer. Mousies, Feathers


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