Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tanner Update

Thanks to everyone for the purrs for Plavix...Tanner has been on this for a whole week now, and no adverse reactions have been noted!!!  YAY for Tanner!

He is now a walking pharmacy though, as we take two pills morning and night.

Morning time we get 1/2 of an Atenolol, and a whole Enalipril.
Evening time we get 1/4 of the Plavix, and 1/2 of an Atenolol.

Tanner is a great at taking pills, and usually doesn't give any trouble.  We have been doing his heart meds in varying doses now for 7 years.  He was diagnosed at age two with HCM.  I hate that any of my boys have a medical condition, but I am thankful that it is Tanner because he is so laid back with taking his medicine!  I think it would be much worse, if I was having to struggle with him daily to medicate.

Our next heart recheck will be in June of 2012 at the NC State Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Cardiology Clinic.  I feel so blessed to live close to this wonderful facility. 


  1. Oh wonderful Tanner!! Yay for you!! Awww so good to read you are doing well with your meds! You are a sweet amazing boy! Take care

  2. That is great! Keep up the good work Tanner!!!

  3. We're glad that his meds are doing the trick, with no side effects. This is great news!

  4. YAY Tanner, good news!!! What a wonderful boy he is :-)

  5. I'm so glad to hear that Tanner is doing well on the Plavix!

  6. We are glad to hear that Tanner is doing well on his meds.

  7. We are so glad Tanner is doing good on this new medicine!!

  8. Tanner, Hooray for you, and Salute to you as well ! Since I been take medicine for 5 days, Now I know It's so hard to keep up a good work. You have done well my friend, Proud of you : )
    Purrs More

  9. Paws up, Tanner! You are hanging in there with your HCM very well!


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