Thursday, September 29, 2011

Visitor in the Garden

We interupt our regularly scheduled gardening blog to ask you all to send purrs to our friend Derry at Fuzzy Tails.  He is spending the day at the vet and would appreciate calming and healing purrs sent his way.
Now back to the regular program...

Today we bring you a visitor in the garden.

This little fella has been visiting our yard all summer.  He loves the sunflower seeds we have out for the birds, and can just about clean out the feeders each night.  Auntie is calling him a pig, but we believe he is a raccoon!

Have you had any special visitors to your garden this year?

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  1. Thank you so much for the purrs for Derry. He's at the vet clinic waiting for a full bladder so they can get a sample. He's not a happy camper, with both the pain and the stress, and the mom's sure not a happy camper right now either.

  2. We dont know Derry but we will stop by and we send our good vibes and will keep our paws crossed!

  3. We get visitors like squirrels and birdies and vishus deers, but we've never seen a raccoon in our yard...but mom says they probably come when we are sleeping.

    We are purring for Derry and hope he will be well soon.

  4. We saw a pair of those guys in the should-be-catio one night a few years ago! They were probably looking for the dog's food. They were only around for a few weeks, then the city blocked the drainage areas they were calling home and we haven't seen them since.

  5. Me and Charlie are sending a gazillion purrs for sweet Derry and lotsa hugs for mum Kim!! Awwww we have everything crossed for him and mum!

    Awww wow - look at your gorgeous raccoon!!! He or she is gorgeous!! Yay!! Brilliant!!

    Me and Charlie tend to have a hedgehog every so often snuffling amongst our pot plants! Yay! take care

  6. We are keepin our paws crossed fur Derry! What a cute little visitor! We don't know what crosses our yard and pretty sure we don't want to!

  7. Those masked guys show up in our garden too sometimes. They steal the fevver food.

  8. That visitor is very cute with his mask. We sure hope he didn't take too much of your food!


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