Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday in the Garden

Today, we are back at the farm stand we found in Minnesota.  Donna had many chickens roaming around and we wanted to share them with you all...
 This is Big Red.  He is a beautiful rooster and he knows it.  He strutted around for us and wanted his picture taken.  The ladies that worked at the farm stand, said the girl chickens didn't much care for him, or his attitude.
 This rooster is the favorite.  He isn't very attractive, but he has a good personality.  The girls have plucked him, but he didn't seem to mind.
 Here is a mom with her babies...the ladies that worked there brought out some fresh corn so we could watch the chickens eat, and so the babies would come out.
This chicken was a bit crazy sitting on this chair!

We can read more about Donna and her farm here.

You can also visit more wonderful cat gardeners at Jonesie's place.


  1. Those are sure some good looking birdies!

  2. Awwwwww love these roosters and hens and baby chicks!! Gorgeous!!! Big Red is particularly fab!! Yay!! Take care

  3. Great pics! We do luf us sum chick-hen! But, we usually like the fevvers out first! MOL!

  4. Those are some big birdies!! We're with Prancer...we loves our chick-hen...but without the feathers!!

  5. Chickens !!!!! OMC ! I'm so sorry, I'm drooiling so bad here ; )

  6. Hmm, those chickens are mighty cute... good thing we like ham and tuna in this house...


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