Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Visitor in the Garden

::3 paw taps::

Today in our garden post, we wanted to show you the visitor we had last Sunday. Mom and Auntie were eating lunch, of course we were helping, and they noticed this on the bird feeders outside...
He is a Quaker Parrot. (They learned this later on) We knew immediately what type of fevver it was, but enjoyed watching them try to figure it out.
He sat and ate for a long time. Mom and Auntie decided they should try and catch him, because he is not native, and someone may have lost him. A trip to the Lowes and a phone call to Petsmart later and they were ready to try...
They sat outside and waited...he came back time and time again, but they were too slow. Beans are not as well equipped for catching fevvers are us cats...they would not let us out though!
They tried for about three hours, with no luck. He finally stopped coming by the feeders...
They are still on the lookout for the magnificant creature...and hope to get him one day soon. What sort of interesting visitors have you had lately?

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Mom here: We called the vets in the area, checked craigslist, called the wildlife rescue, shelter, see if anyone had reported a lost bird. No one had. There's no telling how long he has been out, or where he could have come from. I still hope we can snag him...and then find him a nice home.


  1. What a bummer that you couldn't catch him.

    This reminded mama of when she was a youngun'.......she had a pet parakeet, and they would let him out of the cage to fly day her grandma came in while everyone was gone, and we think Pete was on her shoulder when she left the house.

    Mama lived in a small town, so word was put out about Pete getting out of the house.....and a few days later, she got a call from people that lived about 10 blocks from her that they had found a parakeet in one of their trees and had brought him inside.

    And it was mama's Pete!!!!!!! Both him and mama were happy to have him back home!!!!!!

    Have a fantastic day, friends.

  2. What a great looking bird! Me is sure is is hungry and yous has the right food and yous will get him a nice home!

  3. What a great looking Parrot !!!
    Can´t understand why the 2-legged didn´t let you cat´s out to help out with catching it ??

    I had a BIG green lixard in my bed the other day !
    You can read about in my post Don´t mess with your kitty :)

  4. Me again :)
    I added myself as an follower on your blog :)

  5. Oh my, I hope you or someone can get that sweet parrot!

  6. We have wild parakeets flying around here - basically ferals from lost pets many years ago. They are not native, but pretty well established now.

  7. Oh wow!! What a beautiful bird!! How gorgeous and green!! AWwwwwww!! Me and Charlie are so glad you mum and auntie are there to look out for this magnificent bird!! Yay!! Of course you kitties knew what type of birdie it was!! LOL!!! Yay!! take care

  8. Wow, he sure is beautiful! We hope you catch him soon. We have bright green monk parakeets here in Connecticut. They are not native to the area, but have survived (and actually flourished) here in the last 20 years. It's so weird to see them frolicking in the snow during the winter...

  9. That is a pretty bird. We would be willing to help catch him if you need extra help.

  10. What a nice birdie! We wonder how long he has been out. Like all the others have said, we sure hope your mom can catch him. She should let you guys help.

  11. We've nefur seen a fevver like that in our yard! We do haf sum crazy lookin ones, tho! Happy Furriday.

  12. Wow! This is quite the story! Yes, he probably escaped from his home and has been feeding on all the bird feeders in your area. He's probably enjoying his freedom, but he's likely not equipped to survive long term outdoors.

    Let's hope some well-intentioned folks find him soon and bring him in safely.


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