Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday in the Garden

:: 3 paw taps ::

Today in the garden we will be looking at my favorite flowers the gerbera daisy.
We have several in our garden out front...Aunties favorite color is the pink...they are very vibrant and add a nice pop of color in the flower bed.
We both like the yellow ones too...we have a lot of purple and yellow flowers in our garden...

This year, our neighbor gave us one of my favorite orange one! I love the brightness and the earthiness of this color.

Well, that's our garden...please check out more fabulous flowers at the Society of Feline Gardeners.

PS - We spotted our bird visitor from last week again this morning. We will be on the lookout and hunt once again to try and catch him.


  1. Awwwwww these gerberas are beautiful and with such vivid colours too! Yay!!!!

    Awww good luck catching that amazing bird! Take care

  2. Everything sure looks so nice! Bird? Pounce!

  3. Those daisies are so pretty!! Thanks for sharing them with us.


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