Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday in the Garden

We are dedicating this post to Eric and Flynn's mom. We have planted lots of purrs and prayers for her...we will nurture and watch those prayers grow into hope, comfort and healing for her. Two weekends ago, mom and Auntie spent all day in the garden digging up a new patch for vegetables. They made a comment about working like dogs, but we don't understand this concept, since we are cats. I hope they aren't letting dogs in our yard!

Here is the new patch they made...then planted tomatoes and onions...

Yellow bell pepper...

Eggplant...and not pictured are the red bell pepper, zucchini, and basil.

The pansies are still thriving and looking pretty....

Check out more gardens over at Master Gardener Jonesie's page.


  1. What a lovely post for Eric and Flynn's mum!!! Beautiful - especially your tub of pansies! Take care

  2. How sweet...we are sending up prayers for Eric and Flynn's mom. Your garden is looking good! Hugs and nose kisses

  3. what a great garden spot. I'll look forward to seeing it in a few weeks.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. Wow, that veggie garden will be great! What a lot of hard work! Kudos to your mom and aunt...but of course they couldn't do anything without kitty snoopervision!

    Happy Easter weekend to you all!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  5. :::
    Wow! Your garden is so nice! Me is jealous. It snowed here this morning. But me has started my Licorice Memorial garden. Me has seeds in the house.

  6. How lovely to dedicate the post to Eric & Flynn's mommy Jackie ~ fanks.
    Your planting is wonderful, and the pansies, very pretty.

  7. That sounds like a great garden... at least if you are a human and like veggies! I wish there were such a thing as a mouse garden.

  8. That is lovely of you to dedicate your post to Jackie. We are all so behind her and sending love her way..Your garden is lovely. Hugs GJ xx

  9. Yep, they have been garden busy fur sure! We don't have a garden but we're sure sending lots of purrs the Eric & Flynn's Mum!

  10. OMCod ,,, we hope da dogz are not goin to show up in yur garden ^..^

    You guyz did a really good job makin sure da mom and aunt planted it all right.
    Your tub of Pansiesz are Bootiful ~
    Purrz~ Ana

  11. Wow! You are way ahead of us in the gardening department -- even though you have just planted your vegetables.

    The big barrel of blooms is simply gorgeous. I can't wait until we can have some pretty flowers here -- probably another month the way things are going.

  12. Cool stuff growin' there....but I would seriously worry about dogs roaming loose IN YOUR GARDEN. You better have a good talk with your mom about that. Set her straight that if there are any dogs in the garden, they better be WORKING...because otherwise they are just plain USELESS CREATURES. Yep, that is our official word on it...and that is how we feel about our brother Ellwood, so we are speaking from personal experience!! Can't wait to watch your garden grow over Spring and Summer!! Thanks for sharin'! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny and whats-his-face-the-dawg.

  13. Thank you for dedicating your post to our mum. We all appreciate your kind thoughts. We know our mum will beat this. She loves us and our dad too much not to.
    Your garden is doing very well.

  14. Lovely gardens! I'm sure they'll be a bumper crop this year!
    ~Lisa Co9T


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