Thursday, October 07, 2010

Thursday in the Garden

Today we start with some bad news...brace may want to sit down for this one...
The catnip has died! Gasp! Horrors! We will have to get another plant from our friend. It was doing so well, but I think the summer heat really got to it this year.

Smokey is out checking the rest of the garden for casualties...looking good so far...

Devon claimed this as his spot to sit quietly. Devon eventually looked 'wild' so he sat in the stroller, well contained for the rest of the time outside!

Tanner loves to prune the Hibiscus...he is doing a great job!
Smokey is a live-in 'edger'...keep up the good work Smokey!

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  1. You guys are GREAT gardeners!!! Good job! Sorry to hear about your 'nip plant.

  2. Oh, no!!!!!!!!!! Not the catnip!!!!!!!!! We purr that you get another one.

    Loved the pics of y' are such good gardeners.


  3. Arg! Not the catnip! We have had some struggles with ours this year too. It's not exactly thriving.

    Everything else in your garden looks pawsome! We wish we had a live-in edger!

  4. Very good yard maintenance, guys. Guess you will have to get store bought nip til spring comes again...

  5. Oh that is just awful that your nip plant died! But we agree it probably didn't like the heat - it seemed a lot hotter this year everywhere.

    But the rest of the garden is looking wonderful - you did a good job keeping up with it!

    And you all look very cute out there - and well, Devon does kind of look like he is going to start getting a little wild in that picture - you can see it in his eyes (but he is still cute)

  6. Tragic turn of events!!! We certainly hope you can get a new nip plant.

  7. Everything looks great, except for the poor nip!

  8. Oh no!! Your catnip!! Awwwww! Me and Charlie are so sorry about it, oh dear!

    But look at the rest of your beautiful thriving garden!! Your gorgeous gardening assistants Devon, Smokey and Tanner are doing a grand job! Yay! Take care

  9. Oh no!! How sad about the nip!! But the rest of the garden is still looking good!!

  10. Too bad that the catnip died, but the rest of the yard looks like it's in great shape! So kudos to the kitties for taking such good care of it, through all the bad heat this summer.

  11. The catnip DIED?!?! That is awful! I can't believe how well you all are holding up over that. I would have been destroyed about it.

  12. How awful !
    But I got an idea for you. All of you have to do a lots of hug and purrs to your mom..beg her to get new one : )

    She will spoil you, believe me
    Puddy : )

  13. Hey, you can salvage SOME of the nip! Have your Mommy strip the leaves off for you...they're still nippy, we bet. And the nip sticks make great toys!

    Tanner, you crack Mommy UP eating hibiscus leaves!

  14. your gardening crew are great! industrious! (though not with the watering because the cat nip dried out). Love Darcy and Bingley xx


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