Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Together

Smokey was an only cat until he was 5 years old and Devon showed up. Smokey was not thrilled with this new invasion, but he tolerated it pretty well. I wouldn't say that Smokey and Devon are best buds or anything, but they have a brotherly respect for one another.
Here's Devon as a kitten and Smokey laying in a super comfy black bean bag. Smokey has always gravitated towards dark beds...has anyone else noticed their black cats doing that?

A couple of months can see now that Devon has lost his grey stripes...he's the one on the grey blanket. I knew at this point I was going to be in trouble with telling them apart!

When we had to move into the 'dungeon' for a few months while our house finished, all the boys clung to one another for security and familiarity. Smokey is on the right in this picture.
A previously seen photo from the Cat Olympics, but Devon (front) and Smokey snuggle in a bed. More times than not, it is Devon that will get in the bed with someone else. Smokey doesn't seek out a companion, unless it's me (not that I'm complaining).

Do you have cats that choose to be alone, but will tolerate sharing? Or do all of your cats seek out a buddy to snuggle with?


  1. They certainly snuggle up close to each other for two who aren't "best buds!"

    Annie doesn't snuggle with anyone, except occasionally this human. And not when the boys are around. Nicki and Derry seldom curl up together that I see, though both boys will sleep on the bed with me sometimes (more often than not it's just Derry). Usually if they start to snuggle/groom each other it degenerates into a wrestling match!

  2. Those are great pics! We really don't "snuggle" with each other, but we often like to be fairly close.

  3. Awwwwww what lovely lovely lovely lovely pics!

    I loved the Devon kitty baby pic - isn't he just adorable?

    But Devon and Smokey together are just too awesome! Look at them - gorgeous brothers together, absolutely stunning!

    When the Cat was the only girl in a band that consisted of her 4 brothers, she would always choose to be alone - always find somewhere hidden from the boyz. The boyz together would just cuddle up tho! Made for lots of scraps and fights as well mind!

    Awww happy dayz...

    Take care

  4. With our clan Owen has to snuggle with someone at all times. If he wakes up to find himself alone, he meows and meows as he trots around to look for Yukon or Angus to cuddle with. No one else will put up with him, except sometimes Snafu. All the kitties want to snuggle with us at night. I've woken up to whap, whap, whap motions in the middle of the night, but I'm never sure who it is. Too much bother to turn the light on.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  5. Those are some PURRecious pictures! King and Pandora (who are littermates) snuggle together. Skeeter has always beena loner but a TOTAL Mama's girl! Cricket doesn't care either way. sometimes we catch her with King but for the most part, she's off doing her own little kitten stuff.

  6. Love the pictures :). Interesting about your observation regarding Smokey gravitating towards dark beds. My two black kitties seem to like whatever they feel comfortable with. I don't see any particular preferences in colors. Jackie and Shadow came from the same shelter. They were BFF before we adopted them, so they are used to napping together. On the other hand, Flip prefers having his own space. He would tolerate it sometimes when Shadow comes to snuggle up with him, but most of time he will walk away and sleep somewhere else. I always have a feeling that Flip feels less confident around the other two cats, but they get along just fine. Yes they fight (mainly Shadow and Flip), but they always make up afterwards :).

  7. I, unfortunately, am an only cat. I think I would like a brother or sister though. There is a cat that lives in the apartment next door and we try to talk through the walls...

  8. Your cats are just gorgeous. I only have one cat, Ms. Kit Kit. Wherever I am, there she is. :)

  9. Devon grow so fast! Now Devon as big as Smokey ;)

    Like to see them get along very well :-*

  10. Jack used to always insist on snuggling with other cats, but eventually got out of the habit after being an only kitty for a year, then two years with a 'leave-me-alone' sibling.

    Persephone doesn't mind snuggling a little, but gets annoyed because Jack cleans her ears too much, and sometimes bites because he really just wanted to steal her spot. They snuggle a lot more lately. Like in the last two weeks...since a certain Orange Monster Kitten showed up...

    Jack has always gravitated to black things to sleep on, Persephone not so much, unless it smells like Jack. She does love a black funfur Black Cat cushion from IKEA, but that may just be because it's fuzzy. Or because it's black and soaks up sun.

    The late Whisper was a tuxie, and there wasn't anything around for him to camoflage himself on. Then one day my B&W plaid shawl fell on the floor in a very odd place for him to choose to sleep and he happily napped on it, so I have to assume it was because he blended into it (I almost kicked him by accident when I went to scoop the shawl up with my foot!)


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