Monday, November 30, 2009

Manliness in question

Mom got a bright idea to get Christmas photos for the card this year with us dressed like various Christmas themed things...such as a reindeer, a santa, an elf, etc...She has many costumes for us to try. I was the first victim, and I did not cooperate at all. I felt violated with the flashy box continually blinding me, so I couldn't see what was coming next. Please don't think any less of me when you see these. I can't believe I'm posting, but I wanted to put a warning out to the other aware of the flashy box this time of year! No good can come from being treated like this...

I must say, I wanted to eat those gingerbread men on the top of this headband....they looked so yummy!
The elf hat was hideous! Can't you see the shame in my face at the outrageousness of it all?

I am utterly humilated by this point...what's up with that red ball on the that supposed to be my nose?

Please, please I'm begging you...for the love of cats everywhere....Put down the flashy box, and the costumes and just step away.

Thank you,


  1. Oh no, we had our Christmas card photo shoot yesterday! We did a very good job at not cooperating 100% so the photos didn't come out so great, MOL!

  2. How wonderful! You look marvelous in those photos. Though you looked bored.

  3. Unfortunately it is that time of year again....but just think how much fun we can have when the tree is decorated....we love batting those decorations onto the floor.

  4. Mom already knows that we will NOT pawticipate is that soer of nonsense. But Cricket on the other hand is "freah meat". We are SO gonna throw her under the bus and tell mom she LOVES it!

  5. Oh my goodness! We're so glad that cat costumes are hard to come by here in the UK.

  6. Tanner, I'm sorry you had to be so humiliated and suffer with the flash in your eyes -- but the results are so very amewsing! Perhaps it was worth your sacrifice. I appreciate it, anyway!

  7. Aw, put up with wearing those hats a lot better than we would have! You deserve a whole bag of treats after that!

  8. Thoses reindeer antlers are the best!

  9. OMC! The humiliation. We are hiding this post from our mum in case she gets any ideas. Be brave, we know you are mancat enough to overcome the embarassment.


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