Monday, November 09, 2009

Mancats need the Spa

My mancats are turning into Womancats before my very eyes! Their nails are snagging on toys and pricking their blankets when they knead their paws. My mancats need the spa!

Tanner (i.e. Tanneisha) is the only one willing to show off his, umm her, nails for you today.

Tanneisha keeps her eyes closed very tightly when getting her nails done, so that flying nail pieces don't blind her! She is very dramatic. I will be glad to have my Tanner back :)

Devonna and Smokeisha decided not to attend the spa this time, but don't worry their time is coming! The spa is running a three for one special this week, with free ear cleanings and chin combs and eye crusty removal too. What girl doesn't love a good day at the spa?

How often do you have to trim your kids nails? Do they tolerate it or put up a fight?


  1. We have spa weeks! Most of us do NOT like it at all.
    Maybe Tanneisha can teleport over and give us instructions on how to be nicer.
    ~ Timothy

  2. We usually have a spa day on Saturdays or Sundays for nails, and ears about once a month or as needed. The "dental spa" is nightly when we get our PetZlife oral gel applied to our teefs. Only Saylor puts up a fight with the nails. We all fight the ear cleaning and Saylor is really bad when we do our teefs.

  3. MOL! Well, King and Pandora have no nails (Dad declawed them when they arrives on his doorstep). Skeeter gets hers done about 1x a month. But she LOVES when mom uses her nailfile on them!

  4. Sounds like it will be a busy "spa" week at your house!!!!!


  5. We got our nails cut this past fun!! We fight, of course, but never win! We get our nails cut about once a month or whenever mom sees our nails starting to catch on the carpet.

  6. I hate having my manicure! We get it about once every 4-6 weeks here. Mama cleans my eyes every day though. I always have the crusties.

    I MOL'd about the girly kitty names. Hee hee. The mancats here turn girley here too whem it comes to claw clipping.


  7. Fight, fight they do. Is he asleep or closing his eyes as you say he does?

  8. Mum does my eyes every day cause they get sleep in them. I dont get my nails done though.. Hugs GJ x

  9. We do the nails as needed, no regular schedule - but it is a fight most times. Eye goo is common at our house so that is an hourly thing (or at least it feels that way). We are lucky the ears are pretty clean for everyone - I check and don't bother them if they don't need it - Virgil had issues as a kitten and just hates it but Barney loves when you rub his ears and so it is easy to check him. The others are neutral on the issue.

  10. We have never had our nails clipped because we keep them down by climbing trees. We get our teeth done every day though.

  11. Mum says she has had cats for years and years and never cut claws on any of them. We are lucky though and all get to run outside and scratch lots of wood.

    I am always a good girl too, and have never scratched my mum.

  12. At our home only Chilli gets her nails trimmed. The little one can't use them "properly" and ends up scratching mom inadvertedly. She get's them clipped about every 1,5-2 months.
    Purrs, Siena


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