Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catnip Crazy!

A new friend came by the house the other day, and brought the boys some fresh catnip stalks! My boys love when people pay attention to them, so this made their day. It took a bit before they decided to investigate this new thing in the floor, but after a few days, they couldn't get enough of it.

Tanner decides to just lay with the fresh stalk...he's actually under the stalk just a bit!

Devon looks all sweet and innocent laying there next to the couch, but he had a part in this mess...don't let him fool you! Even Smokey came out to get in on the action! I'm not sure what Devon is doing in this photo...just being crazy I suppose.

Anyway, the catnip was a hit, and I will need to start growing it in the garden for the boys. They loved it!

Two paws up for fresh catnip. (Vote was taken before the high wore off, so may be slightly skewed)

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  1. Oh catnip overload! How wonderfull all that fresh nip!

    Whicky Wuudler


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