Monday, January 23, 2023

Mancat Monday

Happy New Year!  The mancats are all doing well and enjoying life to the fullest!
Harrison is becoming a snuggle bug lately.  He comes and asks for back scratches more often and chooses to sit near you on the couch.  
Rusty loved the tree skirt upstairs.  It was a warm soft blanket.  He is doing great after his dental visit and asking to play more often these days.

Pumpkin was wild and crazy one day, so I put her in the playpen so she could safely run around.  Charles joined her and was surprised when she chased him!

Flynn is doing well on his fluoxetine.  No more spritzing pee inappropriately.  No more chasing and bullying Lenny.  It has made a huge difference in him.  He is still his happy goofy self though.

Pumpkin is a mess and a happy girl.  She loves her grasshoppers, and has now eaten a few roaches too.  It's been close to a year since she's eaten any of those, so I am super happy!

Group shot of the panthers in Aunties room.  Charles is in the back on the pillow.  Then its Harrison (left) and Flynn (right) and Rusty in the front.

Charles still loves to dangle his arms!

Charles and Cousin Teddy love the grasshoppers as well.  They both love when one escapes the tank when I'm feeding Pumpkin.  

Well, there you have it...I long overdue update from the Four Crazy Cats!  Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us today.



  1. I'm glad everyone is doing well and that the meds are working for Flynn. I love all the photos, especially Charles' dangle. Impressive!

  2. I am glad everyone is doing well. Eric would spend hours in the fields catching grasshoppers!

  3. We are so happy you're all doing well. We love Charles' dangling legs and good job with the eating, Pumpkin!

  4. Hope to hear how you all are doing!


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