Monday, March 21, 2022

Mancat Monday

 Welcome to another mancat Monday.  The boys are all doing well.
Flynn is helping me with my recovery.  I ended up in the hospital Monday March 7th for emergency gallbladder surgery.  I was discharged on Friday, so the boys were glad to have me home.  That is not an experience I wish anyone to have, but I am thankful my mom could come up and spend the week with me.

Pumpkin got to spend some time outdoors.  She has forgotten how to climb...she needs to put all of her feet on the screen!

Charles was a bit helper during my recovery too.  He loved to nap with me.

Panthers waiting for their nightly treats

Pumpkin spent some time in the front yard where the evening sun warms up everything.  She enjoyed the warmth and the fresh air.

Charles taking a break from nursing duties...

Harrison made it to the post this week, but Rusty is missing!  One week, I'll get them all in here.  


  1. Hi all, nice to see you! We're sorry about the gallbladder surgery, but are glad you're home recovering, and being well taken care of! Wishing you speedy healing. ♥

  2. I know exactly how bad the pain is during a gall bladder attack. I have been having them for several years and it was during a particularly bad attack 5 years ago that someone actually listened to me and it was found the cancer had returned. Because I was only getting them a couple of times a year they didn't want to operate. I was able to stop myself crawling on all fours from the pain with morphine and paracetamol. The last major attack was a year ago last October and they were going to do an emergency operation. They couldn't fit me in for 2 weeks then I got an appointment in a private hospital but through the NHS. I was all changed for surgery and had even struggled into the compression stockings when the surgeon came to see me. Bottom line was I was very high risk due to previous major abdominal surgery and they would have to do open surgery, metastatic cancer, my age and because Covid was rising again. He was as good as telling me I wouldn't survive the surgery. To say I was shell shocked after thinking I was going to be rid of my gall bladder is an understatement.
    Anyway, after going on about my woes I am glad you had successful surgery and hope you are healing well.
    Nice to see everyone again.

  3. I hope your on the mend from your surgery. You have some great nurses to take care of you.

  4. I'm glad you have so many nurses taking care of you!

  5. I'm so sorry you had to go through that! Gallbladders can really lead to a lot of pain. You have some great nurses to help you through. They are so cute!
    -Purrs from your friends at

  6. Sending healing purrs and prayers for your recovery. We are glad you have some excellent nurses there. :)


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