Monday, January 24, 2022

Mancat Monday

 The mancats have had a couple of busy weeks!
Charles loves to dangle his arms over the sofa, or anywhere really.  Pumpkin gave it a good try too.  Her arms are just a bit short!

Flynn wasn't too sure about Pumpkin sitting on him

Auntie and I are planning to redo the floors upstairs.  We knew we could save some money if we did the carpet removal ourselves.  We have had a couple of snow weekends, so it has been a great project.  We will be adding a carpet runner to the stairs, so we only needed to paint the edges!

Only one cat, Harrison, didn't walk down the center while the paint was still wet!

Rusty liked to pull at the tape...such big helping boys!

Our snow this weekend came onto the screened porch, so the boys were out there enjoying it!

Just a few inches, but it was pretty and the roads were cleared by the afternoon.

Flynn checking out the carpet we pulled up in the craft room.

The hall carpet is gone!  We will be doing the cat room, which is the last door on the left, the hallway, and then the craft room in vinyl plank.

Panthers all in Aunties bed...

Rusty hanging out downstairs...


  1. Busy times! I've pulled up a lot of carpeting in this townhouse and it's NOT an easy or fun chore. Especially removing all the staples! I think when I replace the carpet in the upstairs bedrooms I'll let someone else do it this time. LOL. Anyway, great job and I can see how helpful everyone was. :-)

    Charles and Pumpkin dangling their legs is so cute. Nothing wrong with short arms, some of us humans have short arms (are short in general) too. Ha.

    No comment on the snow. We've had too much of it, along with too many extreme cold warnings. :-P

    Take care; we hope everyone has a good week. And good luck with the flooring. I think vinyl plank is a great choice, wish I had done that here instead of laminate.

  2. The dangling legs look cute from Charles and Pumpkin. You have been busy but it looks like you have a lot of helpers.

  3. Wow, lots going on at your house. Those boys were very brave to go out in the snow. I don’t like getting my paws cold and wet. ~Ernie

  4. Projects are always fun! I love supervising.

  5. Wow, stuff is busy at your house! Good job helping, kitties!


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