Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Tuesday Travels - Himeji Black Cat Cafe

We took the bullet train to Himeji, not to see the famous castle, but to visit a black cat cafe!
The cafe was about a 20 minute walk from the train station.  This is the entrance to the building...the cafe is on the second floor. 

Cute black cat things all around...its a good thing I'm not a thief!  LOL

We hung out in the cafe for about an hour.  We were the only people there besides the owner.  The cats were very friendly.  I believe there were 9 of them.

This is the owner of the cafe, and of all the cats.  She has rescued them from shelters and off the streets.  She continues to work to rescue and place the strays in the area.

The cats all wore collars of a particular color to tell them apart.  I can appreciate this...my boys do the same!

The cafe was very clean with lots of places for the cats to climb and explore.

Good kitty to scratch the post!

We had the best time here, because we were both missing our black cats back home.  This was the revitalization we needed!

This green collared cat claimed me...I loved it!

Happy to get a funny tongue shot!  Cats are the same no matter where they live.


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