Monday, March 02, 2020

Mancat Monday

The boys all had a nice week...
Flynn is helping Auntie vacuum by keeping the toys on the couch.  Our dad's sister was coming to stay with us for a night, so we needed to straighten up some.  Flynn loves to help vacuum.

Rusty doesn't like the vacuum, so he finds the highest spot he can to wait until it is over.

Oliver doesn't mind...he loves the vacuum cleaner and rubs all over it when it is turned off.

Flynn took a stroll outside on Sunday.  He is doing so much better around Lenny with the extra attention and playtime he is getting.

It was rather windy, so he enjoyed sniffing the wind...

He is sitting in what will be the summer garden.

He mostly laid around because the harness is extremely heavy!

The greeters as I was coming down the stairs...George, Rusty, Flynn and Harrison...

Harrison's fur is growing back nicely...

Rusty enjoyed some playtime with this teal toy.  Normally, he will run if you wave this string at him, but today he enjoyed it...

Everyone loves to play in, on, under and around this S-scratcher!

Love all his white and his square snout.

Flynn found the bag of birthday gifts in the laundry room.  His birthday isn't for another couple of weeks, but I went ahead and gave him this new kicker.  It is filled with silvervine instead of catnip, and he went crazy for it!

There you have it...our week in a nutshell!  We hope you had a nice week as well.  Tomorrow, I'll tackle another day of the Japan trip...come on back!


  1. Your boys are so entertaining, they're definitely "crazy" cats. LOL And your flowers...! I can only dream...Sigh.

    Have a terrific week! Derry "says" hi to everyone. :-)

  2. Flynn was really enjoying those outside smells. They all look like they are having lots of fun.

  3. We loved seeing Flynn sniffing the wind. :)

  4. Flynn is a clever boy finding his gifts early :)


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