Monday, July 15, 2019

Mancat Monday

Rusty was well celebrated and loved for his birthday.
His last picture as a 1 year old!

His day started with treats...of course all the brothers participated in this activity!  They are so supportive of their brother!  Or maybe just pigs :)

He got a new cardboard scratcher, and took to it right away...
So handsome...

He was given a new feather and string toy in his color of navy.  He loved the feather, but the string is terrifying!  Don't try to wave it around...he will run off!  I think Oliver is rubbing off on Rusty and he is becoming more dramatic! 

After playing and having treats, it was time for a nice toe wash...2 year olds know the importance of being clean

Every time I cranked my car, it reminded me it was Rusty's birthday!

Near the end of the day, he was given a small plate of of Rusty's favorite treats!

Do you mind?  I'm trying to eat here.  2 year olds are developing some sass!

Finally, with a belly full of fish, it's time for a nap in his favorite spot.  I think he had a good day!

Happy Birthday sweet boy.


  1. Rusty, we think you had the very best birthday any kitty could have!

    P.S. No other Being does drama quite like a cat! :-P

  2. Aww..glad he had a nice birthday.


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