Monday, June 10, 2019

Mancat Monday

The mancats had an exciting weekend.

Flynn started things off with an old fashioned paper roll any of you have cats that like to shred the TP?

On Saturday, Harrison got the thrill of a lifetime, when he spotted two baby doves in the tree.  They were just sitting on the branches waiting for their parents to come feed them.  One was super close, and the other was a bit lower in the tree.

Here is a rough picture of one baby and the mom.  

Eventually, Oliver, Rusty and Harrison were all sitting there watching intently.  This provided hours of entertainment for the boys.  They would leave for a bit, and then go back and look for the birds.  If we didn't see the cats around the house for a while, we knew they were looking out this window.

Flynn could not be bothered to look at the birds.  He spends his weekends sleeping extra hard.  I don't know what he does to get so tired, but he acts like he is wiped out on the weekends!

We hope you all had a fun filled weekend too!


  1. Gosh, between the tp adventure and the birds, the boys had an exciting, busy weekend! (Fortunately, N & D do not shred toilet paper or paper towel. One of them got into paper towel once, when they were quite young, but that was it.)

  2. Wow, looks like a special edition of Bird TV, the family channel!

  3. What a fun weekend you all had. Ernie likes to unroll the TP and paper towels too if given the chance.

  4. Great Bird tv. We have one tp shredder- KaTwo.


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