Monday, October 29, 2018

Mancat Monday

Everyone has been having a good time.  We love Fall weather and open windows.

We bought a small pumpkin for the boys to check out...Flynn was not impressed, but at least he wasn't afraid of it.  He is terrified of green bell peppers! 
Rusty thought it smelled good... 
Oliver really didn't care for it...Harrison didn't get his photo taken because he was upstairs sleeping!

Flynn loves the cooler weather and has been playing hard...he's a big jumper!

Rusty playing in a laundry basket...

Harrison hanging out with a scratcher.

Oliver loves the vacuum as long as it isn't running.
We plugged in the heated beds this weekend and everyone is loving them.  Here's Flynn taking advantage of the one in Aunties room.
And I did a thing this weekend...bought a new car!  My old car was 20 years old and it was time to replace it.  Loving my new Subaru Forester :)

Rusty will be the first one to ride in it when he goes to the vet on Thursday for his annual visit.


  1. Fall weather seems to make everyone more energetic. That little pumpkin looks cute. I wonder what my boys would think of one.

    Green peppers are a strange thing to be afraid of, btw! But hey, we're each unique individuals. :-)

    Congrats on the new car, yippee! May you enjoy it and be safe in it for many years to come!

    And good luck to Rusty, we hope all goes well and is routine.

  2. Everyone looks great. Flynn, that was quite the leap!

    Congrats on your new car!

  3. I love the picture of Rusty sniffing the little pumpkin. I don't think anyone here is afraid of food. Budd eats so fast it's a wonder he doesn't throw it back up again. Oliver sitting beside the vacuum is priceless.


  4. We are more active here too... although our southern California version of "cooling off" is probably not quite the cool you have over there!

  5. Nice to see all the kitties having fun. Congrats on your new vehicle!


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