Monday, June 18, 2018

Mancat Monday

The boys have had a pretty good week.
Rusty got a new tunnel to play in...our old ones had to be tossed because that was easier than cleaning them from the panleuk.  It is a bit small, but he seems to enjoy it.

Flynn worked hard at having his photo made...Auntie needed one for her work of all the boys.  Love the tongue bleep. 
Oliver had some diarrhea and didn't feel well.  He also had to get a butt bath because it was all over him and making him red and raw back there.  A quick soak and scrub and a slathering of desitin and he was feeling better. 
Harrison has been a love bug and enjoying having Aunties bedroom door open again.

I've mentioned before how Auntie is keeping her bedroom closed, with Sophie and Pirate in there during the day, so they can eat in peace.  The young boys just pester these older cats and upset them, so it is easier this way.  Sophie has never been a good eater to start with and as she has aged, her appetite has decreased even more.
Over the last 6 weeks, Sophie has been going downhill.  The vet determined she had some sort of digestive disease.  Auntie put her on several types of medicine to see if that would help her recover or at least remain stable.  She did ok for a while, and then started declining again rapidly this past week.  It was determined that the best course was to euthanize her.  RIP Cousin Sophie.

September 10, 2001 - June 14, 2018

The little boys don't seem to notice that she is gone.  They had been separated for quite some time, except at night.  I think they will be more upset that there is less food lying around for them to nibble on in Aunties room!

Cousin Pirate is now able to come out and be a part of the group again.  It took the littles a day or so to just leave him alone, but everyone seems to be getting along now.  Cousin Pirate is now the oldest in the house, at 15.  We only have males now...Auntie and I are outnumbered!

That's the latest in our house...thanks for checking on us!


  1. Oh, no, we're so sorry about Cousin Sophie, so sad. We're glad everyone else is doing well, though.

    Purrs to you all for a good week.

  2. All boys at your house! We have all girls, the male human is completely outnumbered.

  3. I am very sorry to hear about Cousin Sophie. I am glad everyone else is doing well.

  4. We’re so sorry to hear about Cousin Sophie. We’re glad Oliver is doing better now.

  5. Cousin Sophie will be missed, we know, and still watching over everyone. Glad everyone is doing ok - purrs to Oliver.

  6. Sending purrs of comfort about Cousin Sophie, we are so deeply sorry (((hugs))) catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. I am so sorry for the loss of beautiful Sophie. XO

  8. We are sorry to hear about Cousin Sophie. We hope everyone is doing ok with the passing. You are all beautiful. Oliver, hope you feel better. Thanks for sharing the photos especially Flynn with his tongue sticking out. Just perfect.Have a great day.
    World of Animals


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