Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mancat Monday on Tuesday

Wow!  Where has the time gone?  The mancats and I are just enjoying life!  This blog started to keep friends and family updated on medical issues with the boys.  Thankfully, everyone is healthy, and only going to the vet for routine stuff!  We like routine!  Now, if I can get into a routine of posting that will be great.
The panthers all enjoying the windows open a few weeks ago.  It is too warm now for open windows. 
Flynn asking to play with one of his favorite toys.  The string is so short, and the toy is gone, but he loves it! 
Our temporary housemate moved out and Harrison is super happy.  He was nervous around her, so it is nice to see him being comfortable again. 
Oliver is king of the roost...or at least he thinks so! 
Rusty is playing hard and enjoying morning snuggles.  He seems to be holding steady at 11 pounds. 
Watching it rain...all the cats love this chair beside the french doors.  There are three bird feeders around the bush at the fence. 
Harrison has been asking to swim more lately.  We ran the water until it was past his elbows.  I think the noise of the water running bothered him more than the height of the water.  He jumped out, but when we turned the faucet off, he came back! 
Oliver and Harrison snuggling.  Harrison went and joined Oliver in the bed...his personality is coming out more since our guest left.

Harrison moved over to sit with Cousin Georgie. That bed is larger, so they had more room!

Well, that's it...the boys are enjoying life and are all healthy.


  1. I'm glad things are going well with everyone! Harrison, you are crazy with that water!

  2. Nice to see everybuddy having fun and doing well.

  3. Everyone looks great, it's nice to see them all happy and healthy and enjoying life. We, too, think Harrison is nuts, though. LOL.

    BTW, do you have TWO central air units?

  4. Yes we do. One is for the upstairs and other for the down. Our house was just large enough to require two. In the south we need AC more months than not, so having the two units is really nice. We set the upstairs where the bedrooms are cooler at night and can add extra AC to just the part of the house that needs it

  5. Great update. I am glad everyone is doing well.


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