Monday, December 11, 2017

Mancat Monday

It was another weekend of torture for the boys...this time they all had to go and see Santa!
Some of you may have seen this on Facebook, but I've wanted to take the whole crew for a while and do a family shot.  It is hard for me to get a photo with all four of the boys at once.  This turned out pretty good!! 
Each boy then went is Harrison.  He kept trying to pull Santa's beard off...guess he wanted to make sure he was the real thing!

Rusty is an old pro now, since this is his second week in a row! 

Oliver was not too happy, but did pretty good.

Flynn turned into a limp noodle and couldn't hold his body up!

The official PetSmart photo...I have Oliver, Auntie has Flynn and Santa has Harry and Rusty.


  1. That's wonderful! All kitties at one time, that's a Christmas miracle. LOL. I can't imagine either Nicki or Derry being able to do that. Derry would have a stroke in fear and Nicki...I don't know, but he would NOT be good. LOL. Well done...happy holidays!

  2. Wow! Amazing you got that photo. If the mom tried that with us, Santa would be shredded. :)

  3. OMC, you are WAY braver than my human - there is no way she would try that with Binga and Boodie in tow! I went because I'm already well socialized and I've been to the pet store with the Santa photos a bunch of times. I love the family shot - it turned out really nice.

  4. Those are great photos. Love the family picture.

  5. We love your holiday pictures. Bety it took awhile to get everybody looking forward. mol

  6. Those are great photos, so sweet.

  7. Hey thank you so much for the snail mail Christmas card! Everybody looks great in the photos above. And the composition and photos of the Christmas card are fantastic!!!

    Debby at


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